Still Life: White Roses

New quick project before the return to Giverny wipe-out. Haven’t painted roses before, so it could get ugly, but so far so good. Inspirational roses, 


Started with a quick sketch of the main rose focal point, which came surprisingly fast. Guess the sketching lessons/practice are helping. 


Next step, basic turpsy sketch on the panel. Again, got lucky on first try and it’s ready for some paint.



About an hour later the first layer was down. Decent start, but looking at this as the basic layer from which to build. 


2 thoughts on “Still Life: White Roses

  1. Thanks! The roses were white, or so I thought, until I started painting them. Then I realized there was a lot of orange in them, albeit subtle, it was there. And a lot more interesting than white and yellow ochre cream.


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