Roses – Getting There

More progress, albeit slow, on the white roses. Used more value contrast, incorporating raw umber, ultramarine blue, and darker and lighter variations of yellows. This updated photo reflects more progress on the rose in the center bottom, center top (in profile), and far left lower.

The plan (perhaps I should call it ambition) is to finish this project over the weekend, forcing myself to not get lost in the details. Mentioning it on this post to embarrass myself if I don’t get it done.

Breaking down what really needs to be done:

  • finish another pass at the roses with the right value contrasts (using more violet and purple combinations – a helpful suggestion from one of my art instructors).
  • test drive some scumbling in the center of the roses to give the impression of fine detail.
  • paint the glass vase – this step may get tricky, but I know what to do; question is can I pull it off.
  • probably going to keep the background the nondescript blue – no table, folded cloth, random fruit – but if time allows I may try to improve this very centered composition by doing a better job of moving the viewer around the painting rather than “blam! look at these roses, dammit!”

Stay tuned… getting close on this one.


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