Roses – back to back weeknight sessions!

Managed to work in another short session tonight, a Tuesday! Good progress on details and some changes. Really getting the hang of some of the subtleties within individual petals. Might take a whack at the vase later this week b/c I’m pretty happy – finally – with the roses themselves.


2 thoughts on “Roses – back to back weeknight sessions!

  1. Thanks! Vase is done in the next post. In terms of getting a basic impression of the transparency of the vase, it was easier than I had expected. That said, a lot of room for improvement on future projects.


  2. Very nice. Those roses are coming to life! Now curious to see how you approach the vase. I was looking at a painting the other day of a guy who had glasses on. Looked so real, really would have liked to know how the artist created that effect.


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