San Francisco Cityscape


UPDATE Feb 20, 2017: Done! While it took a long time to finish, it was a very rewarding project. Tackled a number of new challenges, but took my time and exercised a wealth of patience to not rush to the finish line. The hardest part turned out to be the alignment of the near foreground building facades and their maddening rows of windows.

UPDATE Jan 21, 2017: Worked on practicing drawing cars before getting back to the canvas. Took a number of tries, but once my brain “saw” the fix, it got much easier with each subsequent sketch. Duh! Now I’ve returned to this urban landscape to add the cars in the foreground. So far so good.

UPDATE Dec 18, 2016: Been working on this off and on for the past couple months. It’s been very slow moving, but I’m learning a lot about breaking down complexity, pushing and pulling with values, and most recently, the challenge of painting vehicles. Added a few of the latest progressions to the photo collage; note the zoom-in view of the cars in the final picture. Fingers crossed that I can make the time to finish this piece before the end of 2016.


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