1 Hour Challenge – Lough Corrib, Ireland

Another 1 hr sketch challenge. This is from a recent trip to Ireland on the grounds of Ashford Castle. John Wayne fans will remember The Quiet Man filmed here, in and around the village of Cork.

The boat on the right is the focal point. This is a good example of forcing yourself to sketch fast can hone the proportional calculation part of the brain – I made that up but it felt accurate when I did this sketch. If I had been drawing at a leisurely pace, I would have over thought the dimensions and shape of the boats.

This could be a good painting, especially with the red colors of the focal point boat.

One thought on “1 Hour Challenge – Lough Corrib, Ireland

  1. You should definitely paint this — REALLY nice drawing, esp. having been done in 1 hour. And the colors in the photo will be very fun to play with, i would think. Keep me posted!Just a couple of immediate impressions about the photo — take with big grain of salt: If you do paint it, i wonder if you’d move your “focal point boat” over a little to the left. At first glance it looks pretty far to the right, leaving viewer with an expanse of water — beautiful, but still, just water — in the middle. The arrangement of the boats has my eyes traveling in kind of a circle. What do you think?


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