The Champagne of Food

Popcorn | 8” x 6” | Oil on Canvas Board

First still life of 2022 inspired by the fun of popcorn! It’s basically the champagne of food if you think about it. And my wife absolutely loves popcorn, so I knew this would make her happy. 

I try to do these small still life compositions alla prima, basically in one sitting. I had to do some highlight adjustments the next day after the paint had settled, but that’s pretty typical for me because it seems wet paint is just hard to “read” as final. 

I had a lot of fun with this piece, working from a photo… real popcorn never would have lasted. If you like progression details, I made a time lapse of this piece which you can see on YouTube called “Popcorn Playalong” embedded below.  

#berntx #crashboomzip #painting #art #abplanalp #austinartists #popcorn #impasto #popcornplayalong #champagneoffood

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