Bull Ring – Finished!


Finally got the Bull Ring finished! Lots of rework and detailing since last post. This was a real challenge, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons that I won’t soon forget. The final chunks of work included:

1. A rework of the columns in shadow.

2. Detailing of the columns in sunlight, including shadow details and accents to give texture and depth.

3. Lines on the roof and more variable values from top to bottom to fix the “flat” view from earlier.

4. Added the matador. First person I’ve painted, so that took some practice, including the hat. But it really anchors the composition.

5. Added to the sand in the ring, mostly to improve contrast and allow for a dry brushing of the new paint up onto the wooden ring so it gives the impression of sandy dust stuck on the walls of the ring. 

That’s it. Next and final step is a glaze, but can’t do that for a month or so until things really dry. Will post that final view, but the painting is done! Time for wine!

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