Giverny – Distant greens

2 more sessions have passed since the previous Giverny base layer post. One was spent basically redoing the underpainting, toning it down and getting better base for the water. The next session was spent on the foliage along the far bank of the lilly pond. Struggled with taming Thalo Green, but after some trial and error, I finally got some workable greens. Its amazing how much variation can be achieved in the green spectrum.

Most of the palette is Thalo green, cad red, cad yellow, burnt sienna, and white. Used some purple and blue to cool things off, or get darker variations so it wasn’t too flat, but that’s tough to do with these greens.

Next session will be a nose dive into the water, rough in the iconic Monet bridge, and maybe take a whack at some initial structure on the foreground flowers.


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