Giverny – Water and first pass at lily pads


Got the first pass at the water and lily pads done yesterday. Short 2 hour session, but was pleasantly surprised with how quickly the lily pad palette came together. Hard to see in this photo, but the range of colors includes greens, purples, and blues. The water is also darker than it appears in the photo – deeper blue gray – which makes the lily pads in the foreground sit up as if they’re on top. I think glazing will have to be done for a couple of final steps later in order to get sections of the lily pads to appear under water. 

Next session will be completion of the remaining lily pads (dark areas in water on left side), rough in the bridge, and a rough in of the tall white flowers in the foreground, which re the key component to the painting. We’ll see… gonna be tough, but should be fun. 

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