Glazing of The Heart

Finally worked up the nerve to take the glazing technique I learned in a recent workshop and apply it to one of my finished paintings. The red heart on green background got a real upgrade! 


Starting point was this heart painting, which had good colors and was a basic, but pleasant piece. I liked the finished product because of the hues and free form brush strokes. 


But it lacked pop, vibrancy, and finish. Not much I could do about artistic value or interest of composition, but at least it’s pretty, right? 🙂 The glazing was done in a single session of about 20 minutes. I added an Indian Yellow glaze to the green background, and a very diluted Alizarin Crimson glaze to the heart. The result was subtle in color effects, but it really brought out the yellow highlights of the background, and made the reds of the heart pop. What was interesting was that the background highlights of yellow were almost imperceptible prior to the glaze. The Alizarin glaze, on the other hand, added a lot more brightness to the main focal point.

Finished product below, but not sure the photos do it justice. Took the pictures of before and after in the same room, same angle, same iPhone camera. 


2 thoughts on “Glazing of The Heart

    • First, I had a handy cheat sheet that lists all opaque v transparent paint colors. Second, I wanted to accent certain colors, so the red was pretty easy, but the yellow was a guess. Figured that the best way to get more out of that green background without pulling it forward too much was to tease out some of it’s core hue, which was cad yellow. Got lucky for the most part.


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