Sketch of Zip’s face – Part 1 & 2

Zip is one of my dogs, a 2 year old ball of energy. She lives for frisbees and tennis balls. She’s incorrigible and relentless with her need for play, until about an hour after dinner, at which point the storm has passed and she’s wiped out.

The reference photo is what I’m working towards, and represents this calm that I so embrace at the end of the day.


Below is the sketch after 2 sessions totaling maybe 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes was getting the outline right, followed by an hour tonight drawing more than a thousand lines of hair in varied directions. The time it takes to get the masses of hair going in the right direction is indeed tedious, but well worth the effort once the shading of values starts. It’s a little like magic as the shape comes to life. And that’s with just a few other sketches done in this fashion as practice, so I’m hoping these dog faces start to get more realistic with some regular practice.

Zip sketch

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