More drawings and practice sketches

Been spending more time this past week on drawing and practice sketches for future painting projects.

The puppy face, Zip, got some more work. Most of the texture is in place, so next update will mostly be values, which should get it most of the way there. Warning – the eyes will remain a white void of creepiness until I have some time to practice.


This is a view of the Golden Gate bridge with San Francisco in the background. Was reminded that I should draw from the back forward, i.e. started with the bridge on this one and made the perspective and proportions much more difficult on myself. But the sketch came out looking good and I have a feel for the basic block-in when I’m ready to do the painting. This may end up being a large piece, or a diptych with two 16″x20″ panels laid horizontally, with the separation near the center of the bridge.


One thought on “More drawings and practice sketches

  1. Great job on Zip’s paws. I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the creepy eyes if you hadn’t mentioned it. I await irises, pupils — whatever else goes into eyes.
    Good start to the bridge. doing a “double” sounds like a lot of fun.


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