Daily Sketch #17: Who the hell is that guy?


The problem with committing to 30 consecutive daily sketches is that sooner or later you’re going to run into a truckload of bad. Today, I got run over.

This isn’t a self-conscience thing, although deep down I’m sure there’s some of that, but rather it was just an off night. Or the fact that I’ve only done one portrait in the past, and it looked a lot better than this one. It was also done over the course of 3 hours, not 35 minutes. Enough with the excuses. I present to the viewing public “self portrait”.

I can honestly say that while this looks nothing like me, once again I learned a lot in a short time thanks to the rigors of daily sketch. Proportional sketching when it comes to still life and landscapes can be a lot more forgiving than drawing a face. The slightest swerve to the left, right, up or down and something won’t look right. It’s a very unforgiving endeavor. I did enjoy the process of getting the parts about right, but just not the proper positioning. In the end, the Mr Potato Head result is not something to frame, but it will be a fun one to revisit with more time to spare and see what kind of result can be had.

One thought on “Daily Sketch #17: Who the hell is that guy?

  1. Well, perhaps you should have gone for cariacature. You are SO much better looking than this sketch! On the serious side, i’d say this: Since i spend two hours a week in a class with mostly portrait painters, i can tell you that before they begin painting, they measure EVERYTHING because, as you noticed, if you don’t and something is the slightest bit “off”, your goose is cooked.


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