Daily Sketch #24: San Francisco tower


Quick sketch for San Francisco fans. This is Coit Tower, an iconic part of San Francisco, from one of the surrounding neighborhood streets. I think this is on the downslope side that  trickles down to North Beach.

Despite the ridiculous clown car at the bottom, the rest of the sketch holds up pretty well. My challenge tonight was drawing varied perspective very fast. When drawing any of the San Francisco architecture, it’s not long before it loses it’s charm and starts to drive you insane! So many lines, curves, and wickedly detailed bits. And don’t get me started on the cast shadows on a sunny day. That said, it’s very rewarding when you’re done b/c you look up at your drawing and “BAM!”, you’ve got a beautiful urban landscape.

This will likely become a knife painting project in the near future. The colors are simplistic, but there’s a good mix of fun stuff in the shapes and angles that an oil painting would work well.

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