Dog Day Trifecta!

Starting some new pieces on used (loved) dog toys. This is the remains of a well used canvass purple octopus, called a Kong Wubba. The progression photos are over the course of a number of sessions, including a preliminary sketch done separately to get a better feel of the composition.

The trick with this piece was trying to get the right textural feel for the plush toy, which is the purple octopus. For reference, here is a link to a Kong Wubba so you can see what a pristine one is supposed to look like.

Ultimately this composition conveyed what I wanted, which are the essentials of a great day for one of my dogs, namely a walk (leash), play time (toy), and a fine gourmet meal (bowl).

“Dog Trifecta”

Oil on 5″ x 7″ wood panel


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