Lines & Blossoms – Impasto Strikes!

Spent a couple of sessions working through the latest challenges with this fun, albeit difficult composition.

Since the last update, a number of things have been tackled, some more than once.

First, the focus remained on the buildings and supporting cast of what will be the cherry blossom tree. This set of sessions updated a number of touchup items, but the primary focus was a) laying in the window woodwork, and b) getting the base layer of the tree on the canvas. It turns out I don’t have a great brush for the type of detail work on the window frames, but I made do with what was available. Adding narrow detail brush to my supply list, but anyone with specific brand/type suggestions is welcome to make comments with the details.


Next session worked on elements of the composition and the next stage of the tree, including some experimentation with impasto effects.

The most significant update aside from the tree was the addition of a sidewalk (thank you Nina), which added missing structure to the bottom of the work, and gave more strength to the 3-point perspective I was working towards. It’s also going to be a critical part of the composition because it plays an important part in leading the viewer into the painting, whereby there is a clear break in the curb of the sidewalk that leads one into the stairway of the main doorway. The framing of the cherry blossom will enhance this effect.

The impasto on the tree are hard to see in the photo, but believe me they’re there. I dove into my first true impasto medium experience, mixing conservative amounts into the purples and pinks. Its very addictive, especially after having spent hours working on very exacting lines and angles of the homes, then being able to run wild with an array of brushes and styles in exploring how best to represent the beauty of the tree blossoms.

Some other minor updates were made in this session, but things are close to completion. Still need to work a significant layer on the cherry blossom, ensuring there is the right balance of light pinks and whites on the right side of the tree, whereas the values on the left are in shadow and more subdued and less saturated. Furthermore, the black door down the street needs work, as well as some updates to the window panes and their reflections of the sky on this particularly sunny day.


One thought on “Lines & Blossoms – Impasto Strikes!

  1. Great progress, Bern!! This project has really come a long way. Love the cherry blossoms and the overall color scheme. Window angles also way better. I’ll take you at your word about the Impasto effect — very hard to see it in the photo.
    One of my painting friends swears by Plaza art —– brushes for delicate work. I’ve used Princeton #1 Rounds and they work pretty well. When they don’t, it’s my technique that’s the problem!


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