“Play with me?” done

So it may not look like much was done between the last post of Zip’s face, which I’ve decided to call “Play with me?”, but I spent a couple of short sessions trying to get the shading just right so the composition has more depth. I think I’ve taken it as far as I can and ready to move on, although my drawing instructor (Laurie) may have something else to say about that, but I’m really happy with it for my first real effort at a dog face drawing. Now I have 2 other dogs who are jealous and ready for their turn in the studio.


For those interested in the technical details:

  • Used 3 pencils in the composition – 2B, HB, and an ebony
  • Strathmore drawing paper, 14×17, but used about 75% of the page
  • Not sure how much total time, but best guess is probably 6 hours
  • Reference photo of Zip was taken indoors, light source was a table lamp in upper left corner
  • Zip is a 2 year old rescue mutt, Aussie Catahoula mix; she’s ball obsessed and the biggest personality on 4 legs I’ve ever met

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