Lines & Blossoms – Update

This continues to be a rewarding effort, despite the learning curve. Updates from last post include adding details to the tree blossoms, tree trunk texture, improvements to the door to the right of the tree, and some small line detailing in the buildings.


Still need to figure out how to get the cherry blossoms to look more realistic, while figuring out how to transition the values in the tree to give it a sense of volume. While I love the colors thus far, the result is still flat and lacking depth. It’ll get there, but I haven’t figured out how just yet.

One thought on “Lines & Blossoms – Update

  1. Continuing very good work! I have a couple of thoughts about the cherry blossoms, which actually are quite nice. When i blew up (i.e., magnified) both your painting and the photo from which you are working, what i see if that in the “rea’l” cherry tree the blossoms appear to be more massed, thicker in group and with perhaps a bit more pink.
    The other thought i had is that you may be focussing too much on those blossoms. From even a foot away or so, i bet you don’t or wouldn’t notice the “problems” you cite in the painting.
    But good for you — a difficult project well done!


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