“Play with Me?” – done… really

A few posts ago I had declared a drawing of one of my dogs completed, but was drawn back in. I didn’t like the floating head look and wanted to fix that problem. With some guidance from my drawing teacher (thanks again Laurie!), I got to the finish line with a drawing that I’m proud to hang on the wall.

Some significant enhancements: 1) added the wood floor, 2) a plain rug, 3) darkened some of the darkest areas of her face with an ebony pencil, and lastly 4) added a light cast shadow.


One thought on ““Play with Me?” – done… really

  1. Good improvements, Bern. And it does look more finished. The only thing is, she’s such a happy dog, and in this work she looks sad and just a little long-suffering. But that is kind of beside the point! Good work.


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