Red Vase and Cellophane – Update

I’m probably just dodging the real challenge of wrapping my pretty vase in saran wrap, which essentially may ruin the piece, but at least I had the pleasure of completing my first white linen table cloth top and folds. Painting the palette knife (with a palette knife) was a little difficult with the gold/brass colors where the wood handle meets the metal neck, but it’s close enough given it’s not the focal point of the work. I also kept it a little soft so as to not draw too much of the composition’s attention. Also got some of the red of the vase in the cast shadow by simply working wet alizarin into the cast shadow darks – pure, dumb luck. Did all of this work with a palette knife, which is becoming an addictive tool.

Next session will tackle the cellophane challenge head-on. But for now I’m happy with the supporting cast.


5 thoughts on “Red Vase and Cellophane – Update

  1. Just spent another few minutes looking at this project of yours. Wow — think about where you were a year ago. The vase, the table linen, the knife, and even the brushes– they all look very happy to be where they are. Good job.


    • Thank you! I was pretty stoked with how the linen folds came out. Glad you liked them too. I think I can get the cellophane in there this weekend, but it’s going to be tricky.


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