Started another piece called “Baleine!”. This is a humpback whale diving. Going to do this as a knife painting to get some texture that will reflect light and give the sense of water/wet on the whale. This is a small gesso board, which works well for knife work.

The palette is pretty straight forward, but the water will be a little tricky, largely b/c I’m a water moron. But it will be a good exercise. The whale tail itself should move quickly, as the tricky part is the initial dimensions and shape, which I spent some time already working through before putting gone the board to paint.

I roughed in the sky as part of this first session, thinking I just wanted to get the right value on the board so the contrast with the tail would work. But it turns out that the “rough” in is pretty good and likely I’ll just keep it as is.

2 thoughts on ““Baleine!”

  1. A very good start. I’d like to see the knives you are using. Shoot me a photo when you get a minute. I think you’ve really got the dimensions of the whale –3 dimensional feeling — really well. And i for sure still have a steep learning curve with painting water. But in my limited experience using knives with water work, it’s quite fun and quite effective.!! Enjoy!


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